High Spin Washer Extractors MLP 80 to 120kg

Industrial Washer Extractor High Capacity
68 - 120 kg
High speed
Autovolcable system
Weighing system
AISI 304 cabinet

• Freestanding, high spin
• Stainless steel cabinet (AISI 304)
• Stainless steel drum and tub
• Xcontrol Plus - Fully programmable microprocessor
• Extra large door opening (MLP 80, MLP 100 Ø540 mm, MLP 120 Ø650 mm)
• Two large drain valves (Ø103 mm)
• Easy access to all parts
• Standard liquid soap connections
• Frequency controlled motor
• PowerWash® perforated lifting ribs: more mechanical action, lower water consumption
• EasySoap _ Liquid soap connection
• Air operated water inlet
• SuperEco washing programmes
- Significantly reduces water and electricity consumption
• Patented soap dispenser with 5 removable compartments


• Liquid soap pumps
• Trace-Tech® traceability software and networking system



Technical Data High Speed Washer Extractor DBL 80 to 120
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