Renewal Plan

Tecnitramo LFA industrial washer extractors are made with the best quality components, prepare for long and intensive work cycles along the years. If you think that your machine has ended its years of hard work, we have two options for you:

  • Renewal Plan. We will value your actual machine if you decide to acquire a new one.
  • Recycling. Bring us your machine! We will give her a new life! 

Take a look!  This is how we do it! 

1.- Once dismounted, we clear aUna vez desmontada, we remove all the corrossion of the structural Stainless Steel AISI 304, its quality always remains! Bearings, sealings, V-Rings,... are always replaced. Keeping the heart moving!

2. When everything is ready, we continue with the assembly process.

3.- Along the process, all the damaged materials are replaced such as drain and inlet valves: 

4.- Step by step, we bring the machines back to life! Looks new,  doesn't it?

5.- Shaping the 'new' washer, pannels, electrical parts, re-wiring, ... 

6.- Look at the drum!

7.- Once finished, the machines goes always through the quality check process:

8.- Once the quality control has been passed and approved, the machine gets ready to ship!

The Tecnitramo 'second hand' washer extractors machinery has all the guarantee conditions, as if it was new! 

Contact our comercial for more information and prices, or sign up in our extranet.

100% recycled, made in SPAIN! 

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